Research Publications in Books and Research Journals (2009 - 2010)

Dr.B.Adalarasu “ Contemporary Practices for the Success of Indian Business” ISBN No: 978-81-909150-4-5 Jan 2011
Dr.B.Adalarasu “Functioning and Marketing Strategies of Self Help Group” Lambart Publishing House, Germany Aug 2010
Dr.B.Adalarasu “Marketing practices of Women Self –Help group Products “ International Journal on Engineering and Management, Grease Volume: 1, Number: 2, January-June 2010
Mr.A.v.Hariharan Consumer Protection Act 1986 Affects on Insurance Benefits in India Second International Conference on “Globalization and Consumer Protection (ICGCP 2011) ISBN-978-81-905380-1-5
Mr.A.v.Hariharan PESTLE Affects on International Marketing Global Marketing Strategies and Practices ISBN: 978-93-80530-17-8
Ms.Umamaheshwari.K Eco Friendly Practices Used in Hotel Industry National Conference on Green to Gold ISBN:978-81-908455-5-7
Ms.T.Sudha Role of Luxury Brands in International market NIMS, Coimbatore (International conference) ISBN: 978-93-80530-17-8
Ms.T.Sudha • “A role of Corporate towards Green Marketing" Annamalai University (International conference) ISBN: 978-81-908455-5-7
Ms.R.Renuka Devi Business To Business Marketing Strategy National Conference on “ Contemporarary Practices for the Sucess of Indian Business Feb ‘2011
Ms.R.Renuka Devi Consumer Protection Act 1986 Affects On Insurance Benefits In India ISBN-978-81-905380-1-5 JAN-2011
Mr.K.Prabhakaran Capital Market- Growth And Opportunities Innovative Management Practices” Published by Dept of Business Admn, Annamalai University ISBN No: 978-81-920303-9-5
Mr.K.Prabhakaran Sustainable Green Banking in India Synergize: Green to Gold” Published by Entrepreneurial Club, Annamalai University ISBN No: 978-81-908455-5-7
Mr.K.Prabhakaran A Study On The Impact Of Introduction Of Futures Index On The Spot Market Volatility Financial Derivatives” Published by School Of Management, Pondicherry University June 2011, Vol 1
Mr.K.Prabhakaran The Effectiveness of Technical Indicators in predicting the Index price Movement-A study on S&P CNX Nifty JM International Journal Of Finance, JM International Journal Of Finance,ISSN NO 2229-6123, 2011, Feb, Volume-1 Issue-2
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