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RVS Faculty of Management counted one amongst the best Institutes in Coimbatore, through its meticulous two years full time MBA course it’s aspiring to produce potential business leaders. The proficiency is extended to the fields of Marketing, Finance, Human Resource and Systems.

A perfect blend of both young and experienced Faculty Members with ample knowledge in the different fields impart their knowledge to the wards in all the ways, through different innovative, dynamic and participative sessions which include Case studies, Simulation Games, video/audio presentations. A value based decision-making ability is also inculcated in the students along with the expertise in technical skills making them to position ahead from the rest of the crowd.


The program also ensures that experience and interaction with industry is also achieved in conjunction with the excellence in the curriculum. Along with the summer project and major final semester project, the students have to undertake industry oriented mini projects, which enable them to equip themselves with the knowledge and skill sets desired in the industry and cultivates a more practical approach required in the industry in them.

The learning environment, which is inclusive of curricular and extracurricular activities, cherishes a comprehensive personality with expert managerial skills to meet the challenges of the contemporary era.

Highlighting these few points about our Institute, I am delighted to invite your organization’s participation for our placement venture. I am certain that our students will be very pioneer and resourceful in the industry showing enormous sense of social responsibility in the course of their work.

I’m very proud to say that RVS Faculty of Management has definitely carved a niche itself and we are confident in achieving many more aspiration in the upcoming years.

Come to Faculty of Management and fostering your FUTURE.........
Wishing GOOD LUCK!!!

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